About the Author

The author of this blog is a teenage writer who has used the name of one of her characters as her own. She is a homeschool student and uses One Year Adventure Novel as her main creative writing curriculum. 

She thinks the following facts are important.
- She thinks the only thing that could possibly beat dark chocolate is black olive and pepperoni pizza (with tomato or white sauce). 
- She couldn't possibly decide her favorite dessert - she's stuck between a really good chocolate cake (with chocolate icing and chocolate pieces - yum) and chocolate pecan pie. 
- Other than black olives, her favorite fruit is a banana. 
- She has one dog - a six-year-old cockapoo named Gromit.
- She enjoys visiting both the ocean and the mountains.
- She wishes she could visit England.
- She is a super fan of Harry Potter. She's memorized many of its lines and could probably answer any Harry Potter trivia question.
- She considers herself pretty much Hermione Granger.
- She's a Gryffinclaw who wishes she knew for sure what House she was in.
- She has one little sister.
- She's been the only girl on her baseball team for years. She plays second base.
- Her favorite color is blue.
- She loves reading fantasy and science fiction middle grade and teen books. She loves getting book suggestions.
- She thinks magic is real.
- Her favorite number is five.
- She wishes she could fly.
- She's part of too many fandoms to list.
- She's writing this in third person because she's imagining this as an About the Author on the back of a book.

She finds these next facts are even more important.
- She is a fantasy writer who also dabbles in science fiction.
- She thinks she's best with characters, plot twists, and subplots, but terrible with world-building.
- She can write realistic dialogue but her stories are practically description-less, and she wishes she could write better description.
- She is very proud of the fact that she once made a reader cry.
- She loves helping people with their writing.
- She hopes to get published someday, and one of her greatest dreams is to be a kid author.
- She gets too many story ideas she never writes.


  1. I'm lucky enough to know this awesome writer! :) I can't wait to see what your future hold. I believe you WILL one day be published!

  2. Replies

    2. Yes, it definitely is real. I don't know about sour patch being magic, though. XD Chocolate is, at the very least. Especially dark.

    3. Magic is caffeine or caffeine is magic but either way magic induces visions of top-hat wearing cats.

    4. *doesn't know what to say*
      This is what happens when forum friends start commenting on each other's blogs. XD

    5. I still have to figure out how to change the title bar, add an about me, change colors to the colors I want, and a couple other things for mine.

    6. I wish so much that I was going to the SW and meeting all these persons though.

    7. SAME. I WANNA GO.
      You need any help? Pony and I have don blogging 101 sessions before. XD