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The Pen is Mightier:
When young author Rose Briar runs away the night before her fifteenth birthday, she doesn't expect to be brought to a mysterious new world. She certainly doesn't expect to be told she's its princess.
When half-faerie Lilac Bree's best friend runs away, she knows it's a race against time before Rose pricks her finger on a pen and falls asleep.
COMPLETE - 19,949 words

When fifteen-year-old telepath Mif Reen’s father is arrested, she worries that she and her brother are now completely alone. But when a mysterious king approaches her with a dangerous offer, she agrees in exchange for her father. But his freedom may come at a high price.
On the one hand lies her family, and on the other, her newfound friends and her country. Mif struggles to decide between saving those she cares about. And when her telepathic abilities get in the way, her own life joins the stakes.
She is running out of time. She must make her decision, and soon. But just how far is she willing to go for her family?
COMPLETE - 80,353 words

Twin sisters Blaze and Sophie have been running from their past as long as they can remember. But when they find themselves surrounded by other people with magical powers similar to their own, they find themselves having to confront it instead of turning away.
And when Blaze is accused of being a traitor, can the sisters find out which of their new friends is really helping the enemy before it's too late? Or will they find themselves running away again, this time from the first place they could call home?

The Final Page:
With every beginning, there is an end. A final chapter, a final page. Fom the beginning of man's creativity, the world of Imagi was born. With the birth of the land and its characters, the end was prophesized. Someday, a great villain will rise up and destroy all the Story as we know it. Imagination will be slaughtered. The last page will arrive, and the book will finally close.
It is late, and the end is nigh. A great hero is about to lose everything to the greatest villain of all time. Imagination is at its end.
A girl breaks a Character Orb, and she is brought to Imagi. And from there, the Final Page unfolds. Kiri's fate is entwined with that of Imagi, whether she likes it or not. And with her arrival will come The End.

Out Of Your Element (collaboration with my cousin):
When four kids discover they have elemental powers, they have to come together to learn to control them. Of course, they have their own problems. Can they put them aside and work together? Or will everything fall apart?

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